Zen Bear Foods

Old style flavors with unique ingredients leaving out the bad and pouring in the good. You wont find corn syrup in our work only old style herbs and spices. As sauce bosses we work hard to make the best kitchen sauces and tools for the Papa Bear and Mama Bears.

The Mission
We believe food should be about flavor and quality. As a result of this view all of our products will always be free of gluten, thickeners, and any thing artificial. If its made in a lab some where it won’t be in our products!
Current Items:
Maple BBQ Sauce (sweet)
Honey BBQ Sauce (sweet)
Smokey BBQ Sauce (Mild)
Original BBQ Sauce (Medium)
Spicy BBQ Sauce (Average hot sauce heat)
Extra Spicy BBQ Sauce
Crazy Spicy BBQ Sauce
Spicy Mustard
Spicy Honey Mustard
Bearzup (ketchup)
Maple BBQ Rub
Smokey BBQ Rub
Spicy BBQ rub
Moroccan Rub
We always have more in the works!

Our Selected Herbs And Spices are sourced from Brozzian
Our Maple Syrup taps are from the Ackermann Maple Farm Vt.
For kitchen Cutlery and tools supply check out Old Mohawk Forge at Mohawk Arts.com

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